Out Of Control Official music video Dir. Sean Dylan Conley 2011
Dr. Frankenstein Director Sean Dylan Conley Produced by Lhea Welsh 2010
Balcony TV August 15 2011
Live at The Gramercy Theater NYC 08/17/11
Review Balcony TV 08/ 2011
Review from D I Executive Tony Stephens 10/11
Reiew from Holly Hutchison 10/ 2011
Recording the first album Los Angeles 2010
Occupy Highway To Fame
JV'S Solo Gramercy Theater 08/17/ 2011
Resident band at Arlene's Grocery 03/11
Earthquake in LA While the band was recording
Don't Know You live Gramercy Theater NYC 2011
Clip at Knitting Factory Brooklyn NYC 2010
Instrumental Crash Mansion 2010


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The Out Of Control tour 2012
New York City January 7
Nashville January 12
New Jersey March 3
New York March 30
Boston April 27
Kentucky June 16
New York July 14
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